Light Weight Serum

Light Weight Serum


This serum is super light weight on the skin! This serum is great for acne prone skin, redness, dehydrated skin, hyperpigmentaion, and all the ingredients used are great for sensitive skin! Hylauronic acid gives the skin a hydration boost, the green tea helps fight acne and reduces redness, vitamin C+E are great antioxidants. This serum is water based! 


Packaging size: 1 ounce


Directions: Apply once a day, either in the morning or at night. Once onto the skin rub it in gently, so the skin is able to absorb the product. Apply as much product as needed. Shake well before each use!



Water, green tea, vegan hylauronic acid, vitamin C+E, and leucidal perservative ( Radish root ferment)